Elimination of Discrimination


Our vision is a world where Human Rights are no longer infringed. Moreover, we aspire to the achievement of equality and peace among young people within Turkey and internationally. Furthermore, we aspire to a world where all young people have the opportunity to realise their dreams.


Carrying out projects and developing new ideas in order to promote peace and support positive relationships between Turkey and its neighbouring countries, especially, to foster and support friendship and cooperation between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot youth.
Carrying out research and projects focused on the disadvantages minorities face in Turkey and implementing solutions towards ending discrimination. Furthermore, carrying out research and workshops focused on disadvantaged groups such as refugees, Roma people and LGBT, who are not yet fully integrated in society and are facing difficulties originating from stereotypes as well as societal rules and laws on a daily basis. In addition, to enhance the visibility of the difficulties these people face through Media.
Provision of international opportunities to disadvantaged youth through the design and implementation of international projects within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme as well as other international programmes. Through these projects YouthLAB aims to enhance its international NGO partner network and to increase the cultural and self-awareness of young people.

Promotion, encouragement and introduction of the concept of voluntarism among young people, through increasing their awareness on the importance of voluntarism ona personal as well as a societal level. Furthermore, enabling young people to actively experience voluntarism through YouthLAB’s projects.

Provision of trainings and free consulting, on how to transform ideas into action and how to run efficient projects, to individuals especially to socially, economically and culturally disadvantaged youth.

Acting as a mediator between young people and professionals who can provide youngsters with the information and know-how in order to put their ideas into action.