Elimination of Discrimination

Orkun Kirca


Orkun graduated from Yıldız Technical University with a BA in Management and currently, he is studying Banking and Finance at Bilgi University. He worked as an intern in Anna Lindh Foundation and Turkey-Europe Foundation. He has organised and taken part in more than 30 Youth Exchange Programmes and Training Courses.

Marisa Ieridou


Marisa graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Psychology and from King’s College London with an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis. She worked in AKTI – Project and Research in Cyprus and has been an active volunteer for CYMEPA for over 10 years. She has organised and taken part in more than 20 Youth Exchange Programmes and Training Courses.

“From a young age, I have been deeply involved in voluntary youth work. Through my experience, I have come to the realization that the future and real change lies in the hands of the youth. It has always been a dream of mine to start my own NGO and become a part of true change, by providing the opportunity to young people to get involved and make their voice heard. I believe that through YouthLAB, we can make a difference and bring to light issues that have been in the shadows for far too long.”
Orkun Kırça, Founder
“YouthLAB / GençLAB has been created by volunteers for volunteers. Through our work we wish to inspire and encourage young people to stop being passive spectators and to take up an active role in their communities. Through young people we can come one step closer towards ending discrimination of all kinds and towards friendship and cooperation.”
Marisa Ieridou, Founder
“I am glad that we established this organisation. I love being an active part of a non-profit organisation that works in my area of interest. YouthLAB is a great chance to share my experience in voluntary work and to provide the opportunity to young people to widen their horizons. Each and every one of us can make a difference. It is impossible for one person to be involved in all issues that require attention, however there is no excuse for each and everyone of us not to be involved in something, somewhere, somehow, with someone. Be a part of change and make a difference.”
Yasemin Balcı, Founder
“I believe that everyone can find a piece of themselves in this organization. It is our duty to take action towards the problems that we encounter in our society. Everyone, no matter his or her background, can take up an active role and make a difference. Collectively, we are more powerful than we think. As Kermit the frog said; with good friends, you can't lose.”
Yavuz Perk, Founder

Yasemin Balcı


Yasemin graduated from Yaşar University with a BSc in International Trade and Finance with Erasmus LLP. She has been actively involved in volunteer work for more than 5 years and has attended several Youth Exchange Programmes and Training Courses.

Yavuz Perk


Yavuz graduated from Sabancı University with an MSc in Mechatronic Engineering. He has lived, worked and studied abroad and has been taking part in a wide range of social involvement and awareness projects for the past 8 years.



YouthLAB was founded in 2014, as a Non-Governmental Organisation. YouthLAB is a group of international young people, who share the same vision and are motivated to bring about change. Our group consists of young people from a wide range of professional backgrounds such as Psychology, International Relations, Mechatronic Engineering, Business and Politics. We have all been deeply involved for several years as volunteers or professionals in the field of Human Rights and peace. Through our work us volunteers our paths have crossed many times. It has been a shared dream of ours to start YouthLAB and to introduce our own methods and ideas in order to provide valid and sustainable solutions to burning issues.