Elimination of Discrimination

What is YouthLAB?

YouthLAB / GençLAB is an NGO based in Istanbul, Turkey that carries out research on current issues, produces ideas, finds solutions and carries out projects, courses and trainings in the field of Human Rights, peace and voluntarism.

The YouthLAB Team consists of Turks, Greeks, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots who envision a world where Human Rights are not infringed and where young people in Turkey and internationally live together in peace, as equals. Furthermore, they envision a world where no matter what language people speak, no matter their religious beliefs, their ethnicity and their gender, all people have equal opportunities to realise their dreams. The YouthLAB team came together under their shared vision in order to work towards the achievement of their dreams.

The main aim of YouthLAB is to carry out research and activities on topics which are not on the daily Turkish agenda, as well as topics about which, due to a wide range of reasons, society fears or hesitates to talk about. Furthermore, YouthLAB aims to enhance the visibility of these issues and to give them a place in Turkey’s daily agenda.