Elimination of Discrimination



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Comments about YouthLAB
“YouthLAB / GençLAB has been created by volunteers for volunteers. Through our work we wish to inspire and encourage young people to stop being passive spectators and to take up an active role in their communities. Through young people we can come one step closer towards ending discrimination of all kinds and towards friendship and cooperation.”
Marisa Ieridou, Founder
What is YouthLAB?
Provision of international opportunities to disadvantaged youth through the design and implementation of international projects within the framework of the Erasmus+programme as well as other international programmes.
Carrying out projects and developing new ideas in order to promote peace and support positive relationships between Turkey and its neighbouring countries,especially, to foster and support friendship and cooperation between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot youth.
Carrying out research and projects focused on the disadvantages minorities face in Turkey and implementing solutions towards ending discrimination.
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